Simply put, the not invented here syndrome is a mindset that favours internally developed products over externally developed products.

NIH can be observed in individuals or organizations. It can turn into a problem when it leads to .

NIH can be a result of pride or in general…

It is an awesome terminology that can be applied in various fields but is most popular in software development.

In software development,

Being a developer we often spend more time fixing bugs than developing features(introducing new bugs 😜).


. We often see more bugs being added to bug backlog than being fixed in the sprint.

Bugs in production may not just cost millions of dollars…

Ever wondered how to write a good test? Are tests just assertions on expected and actual? Is there anything more to them? Should tests only act as a safety net for incoming changes or refactorings?

Let us address all these questions.

We all at some point have written

Working on the command line efficiently means to jump between directories as fast as possible.

Along with using plugins such as autojump, pushd and popd etc, I also use some custom aliases that I have created over time which help me be more efficient.

One such alias that I use is

cd.. nwhere n represents the number of directory levels you want to move up

The script is very crisp and elegant

function cd_up() {
cd $(printf "%0.s../" $(seq 1 $1 ));
alias 'cd..'='cd_up'

script credits : grigory-k

Add this function to ~/.bashrc to be able to use the alias anywhere.


Let us assume my current working directory is ~/interleap/Desktop/work/projects/userclient

~/interleap/Desktop/work/projects/userclient$ cd.. 2
~/interleap/Desktop/work$ cd.. 3

Script breakdown

Omkar Birade

Co-Founder at Interleap. I write to learn more.

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